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Hey guys,
Watertrainer and I did a lot of work in the last weeks, and now we can give you a release date for the third Demo of our game "Pokémon Solar Light & Lunar Dark"
There will be new areas, new towns and cities, of course a lot of new catchable Pokémon, a new rival and lot more!
At the moment we are testing the game and we hope there won't be bugs in this new version.

Release Date for Demo 3.0:
February 1, 2014

Hey guys,
I had a lot of time in my semester break and now i can tell you, that we will release the third Demo of our game
"Pokémon Solar Light & Lunar Dark" very soon.
It will include a lot of new events, a new rival, the Fairy-type, a Fishing Contest, the fifth gym and a lot of new areas!
So unfortunately you have to start from the beginning to explore all new things!

Here are the new areas up from Goldune City:
- Fallrock Valley (Fallrock Cave)
- Route 5
- Orshore Town
- Battle Bridge
- Docking Port
- Route 6
- Route 7
- Highpoint City
- Mt. Highpoint
- Route 8
- Route 9
- Waytide City
and there is a new Garden in the north of Serpentine City called Serpentine Garden.

Watertrainer and Tao
Hey guys,
just want to inform you, that we have a release date for the second demo:

Demo 2.0 release date:
Wednesday, March 6, 2013

The Demo includes:
- New tiles
- 3 towns, 4 cities, 3 forests, 4 routes, 1 pass, 1 desert, 2 caves
- 4 gyms
- and much more ;-)

Greetings WT and Tao
Hey guys,
just a few news about the game progress. Watertrainer finished his work with the backsprites, all sprites we need for the next demo is done. Then he created some new tiles, grass and trees, we now use as the standard tiles. Rustbolt City, the third city in the game, is already finished, it has a gym, the Bike Shop, the Game Corner, the Taxi Company (a important building for the story plot in Rustbolt) and there are driving a lot of cars and bikes in the streets (hard move route work ;-) )
The Goldune Desert is finished, too, just have to code a terrain tag for the deep sand tiles.
I'm still working on the last city for the demo, Goldune City. I've designed one, but i'm not the biggest fan of it. May change it completly, we will see.

A really important thing is that we are searching people for writing. The world of Rikoto should be interesting and filled with people. So, english isn't my first language, i have some problems with perfect spelling and grammar, so we are searching for some help. May some of you are interested, just let me know ;-)

Greetings Tao
Hey guys,
i just wanna say that my work on Pokémon Solar Light & Lunar Dark goes on. I've started with mapping the next areas what includes Route 3 and 4, Thundrome Pass, Rustbolt City, Cycling Road, and Brushus Town. I Also made all events of Route 3 and Thundrome Pass, where you visit Team Solar the first time, but Keira, the new female rival, will help you.

The next Demo will go to Goldune City, which is the hometown of the forth gym leader Dustin.

I'm just hoping that Watertrainer will be available the next time, it's sad that his forum is really dead...

Greetings Chai-Tao

PS: I've posted Screens from Thundrome Pass and Rustbolt City, there will be more in the next time :-)
The other demo was flawed with bugs and errors, but this is one is better.…?

To download, join my forums and you'll find the link in the 'Forums News' thread.

Note - you should play as the male character cause the female character doesn't have a running sprite yet.
If you play as the female character, the female character will still a rival, this will be fixed next demo.
The VS banners aren't in this version of the demo but will be in the next.

Game ends after the 2nd gym battle.

Hi everybody!
I'm working with Watertrainer on the Pokémon Fangame "Solar Light and Lunar Dark". Watertrainer is working on the sprites, tiles and ideas, and i do mapping and eventing.
In my gallery you can see the first three maps of the Rikoto region, Soltree Town, Route 1, and Mossy Town. Il will add the next maps as fast as i can.